Texarkana College Names Mark Storey, Associate Professor of Biology, as 2021-22 Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence


Texarkana College’s Faculty Association named associate professor of biology, Mark Storey, as the 2022 Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence at Texarkana College’s Spring Awards Ceremony held on Wednesday, May 11, 2022. The Endowed Chair program began in 2000 and has inducted twenty-five members. Storey said that through the years, he has always looked up to the faculty members who have been selected by their peers for this honor.

“The recipients of the Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence have been my mentors throughout my thirty years at Texarkana College, and it is incredible to me to think that I am now considered part of this group,” Storey said. “I have learned so much from them and have always wanted to live up to the expectations of the two iconic men who hired me years ago, Dr. Carl (Cheesie) Nelson, former TC president, and Dr. Royce Granberry, former division chair. Maybe this honor I have received indicates I have done ok!”

The nomination process for the award is very extensive and is peer-led. Each nomination must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the dean of the program along with three letters from peers. The nomination form states that the person should be an outstanding educator deserving special recognition.
One colleague said:

“Mark Storey is uplifting and always fun. He has a gentleness, kindness and sense of reason that draws people to him. He makes our college a better place on so many levels.”
Another colleague stated:

“If there was one word I would use to describe Mark, it would be character. I can say that you have to look far and wide to find another person with better character. He is honest and is always trying to do the right thing for his classes, students, and Texarkana College.”
Lastly, a colleague and former student said:

“Mark was and continues to be an excellent example of the kind of teacher that I want and strive to be. He truly has a passion for science, and it is easy to see that he is knowledgeable and loves what he does. He cares for his students and is always there to help and support them.”

Associate Professor Storey has served in several areas including TC Faculty Association, Achieving the Dream, distance education, club sponsorships, department liaison for dual credit courses, and many more.
Doug Saffel, 2021-22 Faculty Association President, presented the award which includes a $1,000 cash honorarium and a $500 professional development stipend. Saffel commented on the number of students and peers Storey and influenced throughout the years.

“It goes without saying his impact at TC is admired and respected by all who know him,” said Saffel. “One of the most amazing attributes about him is that while he is a great teacher, he continues to be a great student in his field and participates in ongoing research. He is a fantastic photographer, especially of birds, and he is a contributor to content on social media that advances science and nature.”
Storey currently focuses on teaching integrated biology course sequences for science majors and non-science majors alike. Storey said he is proud of every one of his students for achieving their professional and personal goals.

“Over my career, I have had my share of gifted students matriculate successfully to professional programs in veterinary medicine, medicine, pharmacy, physical therapy, science teaching, and nursing programs and I am so proud of each of them,” Storey said. “But for me personally, the most satisfaction has been my successes in working with under-prepared and at-risk students who fight hard to achieve a C in one of my courses. In those cases, I was able to convince them that they could learn and appreciate a scientific discipline despite many past failures and disappointments. There is nothing better for me to watch them walk across the stage at graduation and know that together we not only changed their life, but also that of their family also!”

The annual award is presented during the college’s spring semester awards ceremony. Joining Storey at the ceremony to receive the award was his wife, Nancy Lyn, a family nurse practitioner who graduated from TC’s associate degree nursing program in 1990. Mark and Nancy Lyn have three grown children, James, Thomas, and Sarah, who all attended TC.

The Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence has been awarded to some of Texarkana College’s most dedicated faculty. Former awardees include:
Royce Granberry, 2000-01
Candy Stevens Smith, 2000-01
Mike L. Buttram, 2001-02
Theresa McDonald, 2001-02
Delbert Dowdy, 2002-03
Catherine Howard, 2002-03
Jamie Ashby, 2004-05
Herman Barnett, 2005-06
Patricia Morgan, 2005-06
Tom Elder, 2006-07
Jerry Hutchison, 2007-08
Mary Scott (Goode), 2008-09
Mary Ellen Young, 2009-10
Jerry Voss, 2010-11
Dianna Kinsey, 2011-12
Robert Jones, 2012-13
Kimberly Penny, 2013-14
Dianne Henline 2014-15
Marc-Andre Bougie, 2015-16
Robert “Bob” Laird, 2016-17
Pamela Owney, 2017-18
Beverly Rowe, 2018-19
Doug Saffel, 2019-20
Ronda Dozier, 2020-21

PHOTO ID: NANCY LYN STOREY AND MARK STOREY receiving Texarkana College’s Endowed Chair for Teaching Excellence Award (2021-2022) on May 11, 2022, at TC’s Spring Awards Ceremony.

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