Texarkana Emergency Center discusses negative effects of vaping with PGHS students


Pleasant Grove High School hosted Dr. Matt Young, Medical Director of Texarkana Emergency Center, to discuss the negative effects of e-cigarettes, or vaping, with their students. Dr. Young and Director of Marketing, Brooke Marshall, created this presentation as a response to the growing popularity of e-cigarettes among teens. In his presentation, Dr. Young included the ingredients of an e-cigarette,
comparisons to a regular cigarette, risks associated with e-cigarettes such as popcorn lung, and the negative oral hygiene effects resulting from e-cigarette use.

High School Principal Mendy Sharp and her administration team felt that it was important to bring in a medical professional to discuss the negative effects of vaping as a way to raise awareness and provide proper health education to students who might be considering this action.

“The overall health, wellness, and safety of our students is top priority at Pleasant Grove High School,” High School Principal Mendy Sharp said. “We are committed to educating our students on the short term and long term impact of the decisions they are faced with making day to day. With the recent advisory from the Surgeon General in December declaring teen vaping a national epidemic, more awareness is being brought to this rapidly growing concern. We are grateful that the staff and medical professionals from Texarkana Emergency Center are also committed to educating students on the health risks associated with e-cigarettes, or vaping, and have partnered with us to inform students of these risks.”

Students grades 9-12 attended the presentation in the Performing Arts Center. After the presentation, Dr. Young and Marketing Director, Brooke Marshall, held a question and answer session in which students were able to ask questions in a casual environment.

“It’s important to give our young adults the education to make informed, knowledgeable decisions to use or not use these products based on the presentation today,” Dr. Matt Young said. “Our goal is be a good community partner by educating our youth in the Four States area on health issues facing them

Presentations will also be made to Pleasant Grove Middle School students this week. Districts interested in offering this educational presentation to their campuses may call Brooke Marshall at Texarkana Emergency Center at 903-838-8000.

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