Texarkana Resources and Habitat for Humanity ReStore Work Together To Provide Jobs

Jennifer Lewis Ashley Barnette Victoria Powell Jennifer Seedle Mary Wormington

Texarkana Resources and the Habitat for Humanity ReStore have joined forces to give the gift of jobs this year to those who have been working diligently learning job-training skills through Texarkana Resources. Mary Wormington (Executive Director for Habitat) and Jennifer Lewis (CEO for Texarkana Resources) began the partnership a few weeks ago with the hiring of Victoria Powell.

“This is one of the best partnerships. That two non-profit organizations (one organization that does job training and one that is a retail store) can work together to provide reliable and efficient workers when we really needed someone,” said Mary. “Jennifer had done a presentation about the work program at TRC, and we thought that it would be a great partnership. To find a good quality worker in Tory, but also providing that partnership and supporting other non-profits has been wonderful,” said Mary.

“We feel the exact same way,” said Jennifer. “We are getting an opportunity to place an eager person in the workforce, while also helping another nonprofit in giving them great staff. It’s truly a win-win situation,” said Jennifer.

When asked what this job means to her, Tory smiled. “This job means that I can just help customers that need my help. I am so happy to have this job!” said Tory. “She was so eager to work, that when she came over with her mother, she just wanted to start cleaning my office right then!” said Mary.

Tory’s training will be ongoing. “The wonderful thing, is that we have someone from resources that will coach her and continue to help her. We help make weekly lists, and they work with her to make sure that she understands how to use the lists, and how to prioritize responsibilities,” said Jennifer.

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore is located at 3632 New Boston Rd, Texarkana, TX 75501. They are open from Wednesday-Saturday 9AM-5PM.

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