Texarkana, Texas, Partners with Service Line Warranties of America


Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) will send out mail outs to Texarkana, Texas residential customers to offer protection for homeowners for their Water Service Line in the month of March. The coverage is voluntary and available at monthly or annual prices. Founded in 2003, SLWA has partnered with over 400 leading cities and municipalities in the U.S. to provide repair service plans that offer peace of mind and convenience.


The city agreed to allow SLWA to offer the product in the city limits of Texarkana, Texas, but is not sponsoring or administering the program in any way. The program is also not a product of Texarkana Water Utilities.


The SLWA Service Line Warranty Program protects against damage to pipes on homeowners’ property, which many homeowners do not realize is their responsibility. Repairs to these pipes are not covered by basic homeowners insurance or by the City of Texarkana. If a customer’s line needs repair, a simple call to the SLWA 24-hour hotline will dispatch a local, licensed contractor familiar with local code. There are no service fees or deductibles. Many factors contribute to the life expectancy of a service line including the age, type of piping material, soil conditions and installation quality – all factors which are covered through the SLWA protection program. This program is voluntary for residents and provided at no cost to the city. No public funds are used to promote or administer the program; however, the City does stand to receive a small amount of royalties from any customers who sign up for the program. The City plans to use those funds to cover the costs of the CodeRED emergency alert system, or similar community-related project.


“Our service plans not only cover the cost of the repair, they also provide homeowners with reputable, local contractors who will do the best possible job,” said Tom Rusin, CEO of SLWA parent HomeServe USA. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Texarkana and look forward to the opportunity to provide homeowners with the assistance they need when faced with a home repair emergency.”

SLWA has been recognized as the nation’s largest and most trusted source of utility line plans endorsed by the National League of Cities (NLC). The company is committed to customer service, ethical marketing practices and maintaining an A+ accredited rating with the Better Business Bureau. For questions about this service, or to enroll, please contact SLWA at 866-922-9006 or visit www.slwofa.com.


About Service Line Warranties of America


Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) is part of HomeServe USA Corp (HomeServe), a leading provider of home repair solutions serving over 3.1 million customers across the US and Canada. Founded in 2003, SLWA is the trusted source of utility line protection programs endorsed by the National League of Cities. Together with HomeServe, SLWA is dedicated to supplying best-in-class repair plans and delivering superior customer service to consumers through over 475 leading Texarkana, municipal and utility partners.



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