Texas High School Student Council Takes the Helm as State President of Texas Association of Student Councils


Texas High School and student leadership are synonymous with one another.

From the national level, the Texas High School Student Council has earned the National Gold Council of Excellence Award from the National Association of Student Councils (NASC) for the eleventh consecutive year.  They are one of 28 high schools in Texas to receive this award and are one of only two high schools in the state to win the award for 11 straight years. Additionally, they are one of 253 in the nation to be honored at this level.

Councils awarded the gold level have successfully demonstrated the highest levels of leadership.  “Earning this award is no small task,” said Jeff Sherrill, National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) Associate Director.  “The success of the Texas High School program is a testament to the leadership and support they are given and the fact that the program is an integral part of the school and its educational mission.”

Now for 2019, THS Student Council has been elected by their peers to serve as the State President School for Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC).

“The decision to run for a state office is made by our students, not the sponsors,” said Susan Waldrep, THS Student Council Advisor.  “Students members must tell me why they want to run and share with me their ideas for a platform.  From there, they campaign, just as you would for any office.  The 1,400 student councils along with their 5,000 plus members place their vote and the state officers are announced during the April convention.  We were thrilled to be chosen,” Waldrep continued.

In previous years, Texas High School has had the opportunity to serve as State Conference Coordinator twice and TASC Vice President on two separate occasions.  This is their second time to be voted in as State President.


Jenna Williamson, THS Senior and Student Council President, has taken the lead as State President for TASC.  In her role to date, she has given the opening address for the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals Conference, represented Texas at the NASC Region 6 Vision Conference and represented the state at the NASC Conference in Pennsylvania.  Williamson presides over all state board meetings and will lead workshops during the TASC Mid-Level Conference in November.  Additionally, she will serve as a Junior Counselor for TASC advanced workshops in January/February and will speak at district conferences regarding the state service project – Level Up Your Leadership #itsnotagame. 

Level Up Your Leadership tackles four forms of substance abuse (vaping, underage drinking and prescription and recreational drugs) which are prominent issues facing schools and communities in Texas and across the nation.  The goal of the state service project is to bring accessible and effective information and projects to the forefront by providing awareness, positive actions and activities for students, teachers, parents and community members.

“Serving as state president has certainly been an honor,” said Williamson.  “I have been able to do things such as speaking to TASC and representing Texas at national conferences that I otherwise would not have been able to do.”

“I’m very excited to be able to make a difference in the substance abuse aspect of today’s society and also very excited to help develop and encourage students to become not only leaders at their high schools but within their community and at the state level,” continued Williamson.  “I am most grateful to have advisors like Mrs. Susan Waldrep who has helped and pushed me through this process.  It’s not easy but it is very rewarding.”

Texas High School has also been named a State Sweepstakes Council in various categories for service projects conducted.  They were one of only 233 schools in the state to receive this prestigious honor.  Categories honored and their current student charmen include:

Outstanding Student Council – Jenna Williamson, Chair;

Outstanding Community Service – Jackson Cheney & Johni Hueter, Chairs;

Outstanding DASH – Julie Whitehorn & Charli Hueter, Chairs;

Outstanding Pride and Patriotism – Faith West & Cayli Clack, Chairs;

Outstanding Energy & Environment – Jeben Justin & Rhett Young, Chairs.

Other recognitions received for 2019 include:

*Top 10 Video Award for a student-produced video from Texas High School’s TigerVision program on the annual Tiger Strong Field Day (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRzD3RPypfY).

*Top 10 Project for “Dude Be Nice, Thanks Bobby!”

Advisors for Texas High School Student Council are Emily Munn, Debbie Nicholas, Courtney Waldrep and Susan Waldrep.

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