Texas High School Student Media Deparment Only School to Receive Three Gold Stars


Texas High School’s student-produced yearbook, print newspaper and online newspaper were honored with top state awards by the Interscholastic League Press Conference (ILPC). 

The Tiger yearbook was one of four in Texas to receive a Gold Star, while the Tiger Times Online Newspaper was one of five in the state to win a Gold Star and the Tiger Times print newspaper was one of six to be awarded the Gold Star.  Texas High School was the only school in Texas to receive three Gold Stars for outstanding achievement in student newspapers and yearbooks.

Eight student staff members had their work earn Tops in Texas by ILPC.  To win a Tops in Texas award, a student journalist, or group of student journalists, must first win a First Place award in their respective UIL classification.  Then, their work must win First Place within a competition of other first place winners in the UIL classification.  Texas High School students receiving Tops in Texas are:

Meredith Green, Kayla Teague & Haley Wood – Theme Selection;

Stephanie Jumper & Peyton Sims Photo Story;

Caden Rainwater – Sports Column, Online Sport Feature Photo;

Aislyn Echols – Editorial Page Design;

Peyton Sims – Online Portrait.

Additionally, 34 students earned a total of 93 individual achievement awards for their efforts in yearbook, newspaper and online newspaper which represent some of the state’s and nation’s finest scholastic journalism.  They are:  

Bethany ArnoldHonorable Mention Sports Action Photo;

Carrigan BrushThird Place Sports Spread;

Will Carter: First Place Clubs/Organizations Spread; Second Place Clubs/Organizations Feature Story;

Cayli Clack: Second Place Feature Spread; Second Place Student Life Spread; Honorable Mention Captions; 

Ellison Davis: Third Place Sports Spread;

Logan Diggs: Honorable Mention Feature Writing; Honorable Mention Video Story; 

Aislyn Echols: First Place Editorial Page Design; Second Place Editorial Page Design; Second Place Personal Opinion Column; Honorable Mention Editorial Writing; Honorable Mention Online Editorial Writing; 

Abby Elliott: Second Place Photo Portfolio; Second Place Photo Slideshow; Honorable Mention Online General News Photo; 

Meredith Green: First Place Theme Selection;

Graci Henard: Second Place Online Editorial Writing; Second Place Online Sports Column; 

Reagan Hickerson: Honorable Mention Personality Profile;

Olivia Huckabee: Honorable Mention Sports Feature Story;

Raven Ivory: Third Place Index Spread; 

Stephanie Jumper: First Place Feature Page Design, First Place Photo Story; Second Place In-Depth News/Feature Package; Second Place News Feature; Second Place Online Feature Writing; Honorable Mention Personal Column; Honorable Mention Online Personal Column; Honorable Mention Online Personal Opinion Column; 

Doug Kyles: Third Place News Feature; Third Place News Page Design; Honorable Mention Online Sports News Story;

EmmaGrace Kuhl: Third Place Online Sports Feature Photo; 

Reese Langdon: First Place Infographic/Sidebar; 

Assad Malik: Third Place Video Story; Honorable Mention Multimedia Package; Honorable Mention Video Story; 

Macy Maynard: First Place Online News Feature; 

Braden McKinnon: First Place Sports Page Design; Third Place Sports New Story; 

Margaret Mutoke: First Place Personal Column; 

Endsley Norman: Third Place Sports Spread; 

Katey Pappas: First Place Infographic/Sidebar; 

Evelyn Patterson: First Place Club/Organization Spread; 

Caden Rainwater: First Place Feature Photo; First Place Sports Column; First Place Sports Feature Photo; Second Place Page One News Magazine Design; Second Place Online Photo Portfolio; Second Place Portrait; Second Place Sports Action Photo; Third Place Online Portrait; Third Place Sports Feature Photo; Honorable Mention Multimedia Package; 

Alex Reed: Second Place Academic Feature Story; Honorable Mention Student Life Feature Story; 

Cate Rounds: Second Place In-Depth News/Feature Package; Third Place News Writing; Honorable Mention Online Sports News Story; 

Zoe Rushing: Second Place Online Feature Writing; 

Lily Sewell: Third Place Index Spread; Honorable Mention Personality Profile; 

Peyton Sims: First Place General News Photo; First Place In-Depth News/Feature Package; First Place Online Portrait; First Place Photo Story; First Place Portrait; Second Place In-Depth News/Feature Package; Second Place Page One News Magazine Design; Second Place Photo Slideshow; Third Place Club/Organization Photo; Third Place Online Feature Photo; Third Place Photo Story; Third Place Video Story; Honorable Mention Multi-Media Package (2);  Honorable Mention Online News Feature; Honorable Mention Online Photo Portfolio;  

Allyson Smith: Second Place Online Computer Art; Second Place Online Student Artwork; Third Place Feature Photo; Third Place Online Student Artwork; Third Place Student Art; Honorable Mention Online Computer Art; Honorable Mention Student Art; 

Kayla Teague: First Place Theme Selection; 

Haley Wood: First Place Theme Selection; 

Mary Claire Wright: Second Place Academic Spread; 

Full Staff: Second Place Ad Design; Second Place Yearbook Headlines.

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