The Future of Cardiac Care: Arkansas Heart Hospital Opening Clinic in Texarkana Monday, March 28th


Seeking treatment for any heart condition in the Texarkana area can be difficult for many Texarkana residents, as there are a very small number of physicians and hospitals able to do certain procedures and testing in our area. In fact, Arkansas Heart Hospital started taking notes of the amount of patients they saw in Little Rock coming from the Texarkana area. “The number was enough for us to say, let’s make a move down to Texarkana,” said Dr. Bruce Murphy CEO of Arkansas Heart Hospital. Thanks to Dr. Murphy and others coming from the Arkansas Heart Hospital, Texarkana will see its first Out-of-State Clinic of the Arkansas Heart Hospital opening this Monday, March 28th at 3930 Galleria Oaks Drive in Texarkana.

The Texarkana clinic will open in several phases, which will allow the clinic to gradually build up patients as well as time to install high tech equipment and surgical areas to eventually do surgeries on site by top surgeons. Beginning March 28th, the clinic will bring their cardiology clinic to the Texarkana area. With a 21,000 square foot clinic off of Galleria Oaks, they will be able to see patients from all over the Texarkana area quickly and efficiently.

“The Texarkana clinic will offer general and interventional cardiology; electrophysiology; cardiac imaging; clinical laboratory; and vein and vascular services. A full-time, on-site physician and Courtney Riddle, APRN will lead the care team. Drs. Scott Beau, Andrew Henry, Wesley Lane, Michael Loguidice, Andre Paixao and Paulo Ribeiro will also be available for regular appointments. Once complete, the ambulatory surgery center will include fully equipped hybrid catheterization labs as well as pre- and post-operative room.”

“Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America, and it’s extremely important that everyone, including residents in Texarkana, have the option of being able to see high quality heart doctors in their own area instead of having to travel hours away to seek treatment. The new clinic will be able to provide everything the Texarkana area needs for better heart health and more,” said Dr. Murphy.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the new Arkansas Heart Hospital Texarkana clinic, you can start making appointments TODAY by calling 903-336-6900 or by visiting

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