Toddler tests positive for meth, Miller County couple facing felony charges

Joshua Boss Cupples, 23, and Alisha Marie Cupples, 22

A man and woman accused of exposing their baby to methamphetamine are being held in the Miller County jail.
Joshua Boss Cupples, 23, and Alisha Marie Cupples, 22, are facing felony charges which could net them life in prison. The couple was living in a 14 foot by 7 foot travel trailer in Garland City, Ark., in May when child welfare authorities took custody of their daughter, born in December 2013, and their son, born in January, according to court records.
The couple’s oldest child tested positively for methamphetamine. Both youngsters are now in foster care.
Formal charges of introduction of a controlled substance into the body of another were recently filed by the Miller County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. The offense is punishable by ten to 40 years or life in prison. The Cupples are each scheduled to appear next week before Circuit Judge Brent Haltom.

The Arkansas Office of Child Support Enforcement has filed petitions against both parents asking that they be court ordered to provide financial support and health insurance for the children.
Alisha Cupples is also facing drug charges stemming from an April 4 traffic stop. A state trooper noticed signs of drug intoxication in Alisha Cupples and discovered methamphetamine and a syringe in the glove compartment of her car. The DWI charge is a misdemeanor. The drug offenses are each punishable by up to six years in prison and a fine up to $10,000.

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