TTPD Appoints Assistant Chiefs

Chief Kreidler (left) and Chief Schutte (right)

The Texarkana Texas City Council Monday night unanimously approved a recommendation proposed by Chief Dan Shiner to reclassify two Captains, Charles Kreidler and Kevin Schutte, to the rank of Assistant Chief of Police. The announcement comes after months of reorganization and planning which resulted in the restructuring of the department from four Divisions to two. Assistant Chief Kreidler has taken command of the new Operations Division consisting of all uniformed patrol personnel while Assistant Chief Schutte commands the new Support Services Division, which includes investigations, narcotics, training and recruiting.  Chief Shiner was quoted as saying:

“This action is consistent with recommendations made in the 2006 Matrix Study, which identified the need for clearer lines of authority and accountability within the department, and spoke to the need for restructuring and right-sizing command responsibilities.”

Assistant Chief Schutte has served with the department for 27 years while Assistant Chief Kreidler has 24 years law enforcement experience.  Both men have served the department and community with distinction and are career professionals that hold advanced State certifications.  Both are highly respected for their training and experience in the fields of criminal investigation, personnel management and community relations.  We are pleased to announce their reclassification.

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