TTPD Looking For Woman Who Stole 120 Brighton Necklaces


UPDATE 2/12/15 at 6:00 p.m. – According to police the woman has been identified now.

According to Texarkana, Texas Police Department’s Facebook page the woman pictured walked into a store in the 2300 block of Richmond Road on February 5th and removed 120 Brighton necklaces, valued at almost $5,600, from their rack.

After concealing the necklaces in her pockets, she calmly left the store before the clerks even realized that the theft had happened TTPD said.

If you have any information about this theft, please contact Detective Kim Weaver at 903-798-3116 or call CrimeStoppers at 903-793-STOP. You can also send TTPD a message on their Facebook page.

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