TTPD Storm Update | Over 400 9-1-1 Calls in Two Hours Last Night

911dispatchAccording to Texarkana, Texas Police Department it was a very busy night last night.  According to their official Facebook page they received over 400 9-1-1 calls between 7:00 and 9:00.

To give you a comparison, that’s about what they get during a normal 12-hour shift. Thankfully, things have returned to some degree of normalcy this morning, and it is going to be a beautiful fall day.

According to police, “most locations’ electricity – if not all – has been restored in Texarkana. However, there are some in Bowie County that remain out this morning. Even though all the traffic lights in town are again working, please use caution as you head out. There may still be trees or other debris in the roadway on some streets. Remember that if you do come upon a traffic light that is out, you should treat it like a four way stop.”
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