Update: Escaped Murderer Timothy Buffington Captured


timothy-buffingtonThe Arkansas Department of Correction has confirmed to THV11 that escaped murderer Timothy Buffington has been captured.

According to THV11 CBS, “an individual approached an Arkansas State Police roadblock at Highway 10 and Highway 60, west of Booneville, and stated that he had seen a man who might match Buffington’s description. He reportedly said that he had seen the suspected escapee only a short distance away along Butler Road.

Wilson said an ASP trooper assigned to the roadblock left the area and moved to Barber Road where he spotted a man in camouflage clothing outside a home. As the state trooper approached the front yard of the home, Wilson said he asked the suspect if he was Buffington. The suspect reportedly confirmed he was, and he surrendered without any resistance.”

More at THV11 – http://www.thv11.com/story/news/local/2014/09/18/timothy-buffington-sighting-logan-county/15822079/

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