Vehicle out of control nearly takes out ball-field at Genoa Central School

Photo courtesy of Cathy Brown Smith

May 27, 2014 | Some people may have experienced delays on Hwy 196 in Genoa Arkansas this morning. Around 7:30 A.M. an unnamed driver of a white Chevy Z71 4×4 lost control of their vehicle and nearly took out the ball-field at Genoa Central Elementary School.

TXK Today was able to speak with the person who was reported to be the first on the scene after the accident. He reported that the driver was heading west bound on Hwy 196. Apparently the driver lost control of the truck and came across the road plowing over the first part of the fence, just barely missing the light pole. The truck would have gone through the fence surrounding the ball-field but the driver turned the vehicle back toward the road and ended up in the drainage ditch.

At this time we do not know if the occupant(s) of the vehicle were injured. No school children were reported as injured.

Thanks to Cathy Brown Smith for submitting the picture of the truck on its roof.

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