Wisconsin man accused of murdering woman and 4-year-old arrested this week in Texarkana

A Wisconsin man accused of stabbing his girlfriend and her 4-year-old daughter to death last Saturday before setting their Milwaukee duplex on fire was arrested Monday in Texarkana, Ark., by federal marshals.
Patrick David Fowler, 31, is currently being held in the Miller County jail awaiting extradition to Wisconsin. Fowler, who was dating Jessica Ellenberger was quickly identified as a suspect in the brutal stabbing and arson of Ellenberger and her daughter, Madyson, who was not Fowler’s child.
Fowler’s mother reportedly told Milwaukee investigators she talked to her son Sunday and that he told her, “She’s dead,” according to a criminal complaint. When the mother encouraged Fowler to go to the police, he allegedly told her to, “Let it go.”
“Patrick then told her not to watch the news because he did not want to think her son was a monster,” the complaint states.
Fowler was arrested Monday by federal marshals in Texarkana at the Greyhound Bus Station in Texarkana, Ark., and transported to the Miller County jail where he was interviewed by Milwaukee detectives.
Fowler allegedly told the detectives he and Ellenberger were arguing March 20 when he grabbed a knife because he felt she was being disrespectful to him. Fowler reportedly said he was trying to get Ellenberger to talk to him when, “the knife slid across her chest.”
According to autopsy results included in the complaint, Ellenberger was stabbed 26 times and her daughter was stabbed twice.
“He stated that Ms. Ellenberger was still alive so he grabbed more knives and continued to stab her before slitting her throat. Mr. Fowler stated that while this was going on, (Madyson) was screaming, ‘Mommy.’ Mr. Fowler then reached out and stabbed (Madyson),” the complaint states.
Fowler allegedly used coloring books and the kitchen stove to set the duplex on fire. Fowler told detectives he grabbed Easter candy on his way out of the house. Fowler allegedly told detectives he did not feel bad for any of the decisions he made.
Fowler is a registered sex offender who was convicted of first degree sexual abuse of a child in 1996, according to Miller County officials. Wisconsin court records show he has a long history of violent offenses, including a child abuse conviction in 2009.
Wisconsin officials are working with Miller County authorities to extradite Fowler to Wisconsin to face murder charges. Wisconsin does not have the death penalty.
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