Woman Steals Sheriff Deputy’s Car and Rolls It [VIDEO]


Dekalb, TX 2:30 P.M. Saturday | Sheriff deputy 310 and LifeNet responded to a call of a suicidal woman laying in the middle of County Road 144 just west of Highway 259.
According to radio traffic a LifeNet crew was on scene first but staged close by waiting for law enforcement due to the nature of the call. LifeNet Medic 63 was cleared to go in by Bowie County Sheriff 310. Moments later Medic 63 and deputy 310 were telling their dispatchers that the patient had driven off in the deputies car.

Bowie County Dispatchers had a critical BOLO alert out within seconds of the deputy reporting the car stolen. At the same time the deputy was reporting the suspect had flipped the Dodge Durango only a short ways down County Road 144.
The LifeNet crew that was on scene requested LifeNet Air to launch and the woman was soon flown to a Texarkana area hospital. According to Bowie County Sheriff James Prince the woman was seriously injured in the wreck.

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