5 Tips To Bet On NFL Games


Whether you are new to sports betting or a betting pro, it is always great to look for different betting strategies that will help you maximize your winnings. When it comes to sports betting, research is crucial for improving the winning rate. Knowing more information will help you make a wiser decision about the outcome of the game.

Since NFL football is the most popular sport in America, there is no secret that it is the most widely bet sport as well. With that said, let’s look at some NFL betting strategies that could help you turn around your fortune and make some money.

Home-Field Advantage

Home-field advantage isn’t something new to NFL it plays an important role in every sport. Most NFL stadiums have more than 70,000 people capacity, which can make a huge difference in the outcome of the game.

Some teams have proven to be almost unbeatable at home. For example, England Patriots have a 48-9 SU over the last six seasons. They have a 66.7%-win rate when they play at home. The Seattle Seahawks also enjoys a great home advantage which is proven by their win rate at home.

This strategy doesn’t suggest always betting on the home team, and Oddsmakers have high-end algorithms for analyzing the home-field advantage automatically on each team.

But if you dig deeper, you can find that some teams have great home-field advantages, which you can use in your betting strategy.

Reverse Line Movement

Most pro-NFL bettors are already familiar with the phrase “sharps vs. squares”, and for beginners, Sharps are defined as people who bet professionally, while squares are more casual bettors.

In many NFL games, oddsmakers usually point out betting action that pits sharps directly against squares. With this conflicted action, there is a higher chance to result in reverse line movement.

Reverse line movement means that the oddsmaker can move a line in favor of the side that has significantly less money bet on it.

Some sites include live tracking of the percentage of bets and/or money that is bet on each NFL game. As a bettor, you can spot the differences and bet against the majority of bets or money. If you find one where the squares outperform the sharps, you’ll have a greater chance of winning more money betting against since the sharps are usually more knowledgeable and therefore more profitable than the squares.

Don’t Place Bets Based on Previous Match

The biggest mistake that NFL bettors make is following their instinct based on last week’s performance of a team. So, if a team has a dominant performance from the week prior or even the largest comeback in NFL history, there is no guarantee that they will keep the same performance for the upcoming week.

Oddsmakers are really smart, and they can neutralize the betting “value” that bettors expect to find in a team in the middle of a hot streak. So, try to do deeper research and find a pattern instead of making decisions based on a previous match.

“Public” Teams

Public teams or iconic franchises that have an unbelievably strong fan base across the country can impact the betting odds. For example, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, and the Dallas Cowboys have a really strong fan base.

But how would this impact a game?

Well, recreational bettors, otherwise known as “squares” are largely responsible for the amount of money bet on such public teams every week. This means that the odds may be impacted by a group of people that don’t have strong knowledge about the team’s performance. On top of that, we have a lot of pride fans that hate to admit and bet against their favorite team.

Shop for the Best Odds

In this day and age, it is easy to compare odds from different bookmakers since everything is online. That’s why it is really important to find the best possible odds. 

Make sure you do your research and check out some of the biggest online bookmakers and their promotions. That way you’ll increase your profits in the long run.

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