Famous Serial Killers of All Time

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Serial killers have often been the subject of much fascination. They have appeared in books, movies and a lot of popular culture. According to investigators, what makes a person a serial killer is when they kill more than three people mostly for not much reason except for some sort of psychological gratification.

Many people study serial killers as a means to understand human psychology at its worst. There are instances when the most unlikely person turns out to be a serial killer. Like when Mike Tyson revealed that he was once interviewed by a person called Dale Hausner who later turned out to be a serial killer having killed over 15 people. Mike Tyson is now returning to the arena and punters have already started betting on the matches as this website reveals. Some serial killers refuse to leave public imagination and are part of folklore. We have come up with a list of serial killers that have been immortalized for their sins. Here are a few of them.

Jack The Ripper

Jack The Ripper is probably one of the most famous serial killers of all time. Part of his fame is also the fact that till date no one really knows who the Ripper was. There are lots of theories pointing to a few people but none of them have turned out to be conclusive. The murders happened in 1888 in the Whitechapel district of London. The killer was known to only target prostitutes who would hang around the dark alleys in the night. Most of the victims would be killed brutally and have had their organs removed. The name Jack the Ripper came from a letter that the killer apparently wrote to the media. However, it is believed that this was a hoax. Nevertheless, the fear that people had of Jack The Ripper only subsided after the killings stopped almost as mysteriously as they had begun.

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was a serial killer in the 70s who killed mostly young girls in America. He mostly hunted around western American and was known to be very flamboyant and charming. He was even caught once in Colorado but he managed to escape and continue his killing spree. When he was finally arrested, he made his trial a national event by acting as his own lawyer. He considered himself to be some sort of a celebrity especially with the media becoming increasingly obsessed with him like this article here. He was finally executed in 1989.

Pedro Lopez

Pedro Lopez from Colombia was supposed to be responsible for over 300 murders. Most of his victims were from the tribes of South America. He was finally arrested in 1988 the cops are supposed to have found over 50 graves that led to him. He was nicknamed Monster of the Andes for his horrific acts. He was finally released in 1998 but has never been heard from again.


H.H. Holmes

H. H. Holmes was a pharmacist in Chicago back in the 19th century who made a hotel into a torture chamber. His bizarre operation has never been equalled. Holmes converted a three-story hotel in Chicago into a horror dungeon with trapdoors and contraptions designed to torture his victims. There was even a gas chamber that would knock out his guests so he could conduct his nefarious activities. He would burn the bodies in a furnace and sometimes sell the skeletons to medical schools. He was tried and executed in 1896.

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