Global Warming and The Lone Star State: Research of 2020 Climate Change

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At this point, it’s really no surprise that climate change is very real and that it is affecting the world in a very significant way. From melting polar ice caps to changing weather patterns all around the world, global warming is causing the climate to act in very different ways. This has had negative consequences for states like Texas that suffer from very hot temperatures. The weather in Texas, in light of the effects of global warming, is only getting worse. The drastic changes in weather have caused a lot of issues to surface in the state, which is why it is worth it to take them as a case study for other parts of the world. 

Why Climate Change Matters

The impacts of global warming go beyond just an increase in temperature. Researchers have been studying these impacts for years now, and even students are writing academic papers as part of their education. If you’re also a student, then is a resource to read research and observation of climate change collected over the years. Whether such essays are created on this matter for a college class or out of personal interest, they’re a very important resource to find out more about the impacts.

Many of the examples that you’ll find online about the research will tell you how global warming is causing species to go extinct, the ocean levels to rise, and a lot more. This is why it is very important for us to learn a lesson from our mistakes of the past and do better to keep the world a habitable and healthy place for our future generations. To see exactly how the world is being affected by climate change, let’s take a look at some Texas climate change impacts in the past couple of years. 

Rise in Energy Use

The weather in Texas is known to be very hot. Due to the changes in the climate, it is only getting worse. So much so that the authorities had to urge people to reduce their electricity consumption during hot days because the reserve margins for the grid system of the state were the lowest in the USA. The need for electricity to keep homes cool during hot summers is only expected to increase as time goes on, and the state may not be able to provide it.

Flooding, Droughts, and Wildfires

From the flooding in the Rio Grande Valley that caused 1,000 homes to be destroyed to the droughts that three-quarters of the state have faced in the last couple of years, Texas climate change impacts should be taken as a lesson. And other than the damage they cause, these weather changes cause other effects too. The combination of warm temperatures in the winter, heavy rains during spring, and hot summers is the perfect way for blue-green algae to thrive. This is a very harmful species that can release a toxin that causes respiratory issues.

Tropical Storm Imelda

In 2019, Tropical Storm Imelda caused a lot of devastation in Texas. It became one of the many ‘500-year floods’ that have been seen in Southeast Texas in the last few years. Such storms are expected to keep coming more frequently as a result of the changing climate. The aftereffects of such storms include loss of property and life, as well as the expense of very large amounts of money for the aid that is required.


While climate change is something that does affect the whole world, it is areas like Texas which can really showcase how bad things can get if nothing is done about the matter. Places of the world that are already hot will likely keep getting hotter which will lead to a massive demand for electricity that countries will not be able to provide. The rising water levels in the oceans will keep sending devastating floods to coastal areas, affecting both property and life. This is why all kinds of research about global warming should be considered a top priority by every country in order to try and find some solutions. And whether you’re enrolled in a school course about the world’s climate or are a scientific researcher, you should always focus on sharing your research with the world in the hopes of contributing to the betterment of our future world. 


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