Gymbox Offers Sign-Up Deals


Over the past months, Texarkana residents have had the option of maintaining their summer bodies, even if there seemed to be nowhere to go. Local gyms stepped up to the plate to offer at-home fitness advice for those looking to maintain their physiques, as well as those who faced health and recovery obstacles without access to a gym.

One local standout during this time was mom-and-pop gym Gymbox, which is now offering sign-up deals for those interested in getting back in the fitness game. However, at the time his gym closed temporarily, David Nelson, general manager of Gymbox in Texarkana, was simply interested in maintaining the health of his local community.

Gymbox started up its Faceboook page and began to reach out to clients virtually. They offered classes like yoga, Zumba, and full-body fitness with some of their top trainers. While engaging with the local community about getting the body moving, Nelson and his team were also there to remind locals that eating less red meat, more vegetables, and foods high in probiotics would also help them stay healthy during times of inactivity.

Now that Gymbox has reopened its doors, more locals are interested in trying out their suite of gym, spa, and other wellness offerings. Especially as football season approaches, there’s more to do than check NFL betting odds before staying inside for a weekend of college football on Saturday and pro football on Sunday.

The idea is to switch things up and try training like an athlete. No matter the gym, trainers are there to help whatever someone’s fitness goals are—and there’s no expectation that newcomers be able to sprint like Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb.

Gymbox specializes in group classes that help take the pressure away of meeting health goals alone. After all, working out in a group is associated with a myriad of health benefits, including a variety of workouts, friendship with others, higher endorphin output, and a higher chance of returning to class.

However, Gymbox isn’t the only option for locals who are looking to kick their activity levels back up into high gear. National franchises like Planet Fitness are located nearby Gymbox’s Richmond Road address, as well as another local standout gym, Legends Gym & Health Club.

For those looking to get back into the swing of things in a more creative way, Pura Vida Cycle Studio, Texarkana Jiu-Jitsu, BMW Fitness Studio, and Razorback Gymnasium are all great alternatives to the traditional gym scene.

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