David Haak’s Response To Recent Editorial Opinion


Subscribers of the Texarkana Gazette, you will notice that there is an opinion written about the press conference that I held a week ago. It is entitled “Mayoral Misstep”. I felt it necessary for me to respond to this clearly bias political printing that should be called the “Gazette Misstep”. The author of this opinion and the publisher of such mis-information do not understand business or the purpose of having a sound operational plan with a vision for a positive future.

The Gazette did not bother to publish the full text of a positive, progressive business plan for our city’s future. However, Texarkana Today had the full press conference containing my proposal within a few hours so that you, the citizens, would know what was in the “business” plan for our community.

The proposal at issue is the use of a professional executive recruitment firm to help identify City Manager candidates, which my opponent states she proposed in a private executive session with the city board. This plan would take the bias and political favoritism out of the process and present qualified applicants for this critical position. It would provide a starting point for the city board to consider. My opponent, who has no leadership skills or vision, wants you to believe she came up with this idea before the city board in an executive session.

Why would she not come out publically and endorse such a progressive idea? Why do it in private? Or did she really do it at all? Can she produce proof of this? Is she now concerned that she has spent so many years not leading, but following, and she knows you, the citizens will have the last word in this election?

When my opponent was asked at the press conference if she would support this, “her secret” plan, that was supposedly discussed in a city board executive session her reply was “yes”. So what is the problem that forced this opinion? Could it be that this is a logical, viable solution that would solve the city board’s divisiveness and provide a venue for professional leadership? Or is it because my opponent can’t take credit for such a progressive idea?

The fact is I am asking for your support on my efforts to serve as YOUR Mayor. My opponent has made the city manager position an issue and I have identified a solution. I don’t care who gets the credit. True leadership proposes ideas for discussion and then takes action that solves problems. I have taken these steps to identify a resolution to a problem that has long existed with our community. Neither the current Mayor nor my opponent has a proposal that settles the problem and unites the board. Why not? NO LEADERSHIP! They are not even willing to listen to any other opinions other that their own. Is this good leadership or bully politics? It smacks of negative innuendos about any one that disagrees with the current Mayor and my opponent. If you disagree with the Mayor and my opponent your are a “rubber stamp” for Boldt and his backers.

Well my opponent needs to understand that she bears the responsibility of past decisions made by the city board. She cannot hide from her participation or lack of participation. She needs to stop blaming others for her inefficiency and address the real issues of this campaign. NO planning, NO vision and NO leadership.

As it gets closer to election, my opponent realizes that she has wasted your time and valuable resources on not being progressive. This current opinion article demonstrates how she continues to try and cloud the real issues of basic management skills and not facing the real challenges of our community. We need jobs, sound planning and a clear vision. She has none of these! She has shown time and time again she is not concerned with Texarkana. She wants to maintain the same old system that is proven NOT to WORK!

The writer of this opinion also brings up the “controversy-and the question of legality and propriety- over financing for the Arkansas side Convention Center”. Out of all the ills with our community leadership this has become a rallying cry for the current Mayor and my opponent.

This has been discussed and re-discussed, lawsuits filed, ethics complaints filed, regular financial audits produced, special audits and a legislative audit done. The Miller County Prosecuting Attorney has reviewed all the information and found no criminal intent.

The Mayor and my opponent didn’t like these answers and has tried to make this a political issue. This is because my opponent does not want to talk about her failure as a public servant. Actions speak louder than words. Ask yourself is Texarkana better off now than what it was several years ago? Desperation makes desperate people take desperate actions.

If the City Manager was wrong on the water park and hotel convention center then why did my opponent always vote with the majority of the city board to approve all resolutions? Remember the City Manager works for the city board and he can only approve what they authorize.

My opponent now says she is against the the water park and hotel convention center. Is this the leader we need in Texarkana, Arkansas? A leader that is for something and then later is against it. This is not good business or leadership and will drive developers away from Texarkana, Arkansas.

In closing, what the editorialist does not understand or is not willing to understand is that I made a proposal. I stated this suggestion in the press conference and made it clear the city board would be responsible for any and all actions taken on this matter. I even made the statement, I might not even be on the city board, but let’s start doing something.

The goal has been achieved to some extent, an opinion has been written about me. The newspaper, the current Mayor and my opponent are debating why I have said anything, but still they choose to have a divisive city board. Why do they want to divide and harm our community? Where are their proposals that will begin to solve our problems? Who do you want to lead our city? Is it someone on the present board that only wants to divide and harm Texarkana, Arkansas or someone that will put bold new ideas out front, not in private meetings or “executive sessions”? Everyone should have a chance to hear, think about and have a say in what the city board does.

The election process has started; you the voter get to choose the future of Texarkana, Arkansas. I want a better Texarkana to live in. Please help me to get our community moving – VOTE for me, David Haak. I will work for you, willing to make bold decisions and identify ideas.

Watch and listen to my press conference. You decide.

(Part 1)

Please be sure to utilize our freedoms guaranteed by our brave American Soldiers and Vote! Early voting starts Monday, October 20, 2014 with regular voting on November 4, 2014.

As my friends who are following this campaign on Facebook, I am asking you to repost on your Facebook so that I can get this info out to all. I have spent sixteen weeks in a positive campaign sharing all the ideas I have to bring to the entire board. Many of the ideas have come from you as we have visited. Many thanks.


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