2nd Annual Zombie Run Tomorrow Hosted by Literacy Council



This is a chilling 5K that will take place among the undead with tons of haunting events for ALL ages. It will keep you looking over your shoulder!
The event is put on by the AMAZING Literacy Council of Bowie & Miller Counties, Inc.

October 25, 2014, North Shore at Wright Patman Lake
4:00 PM Registration/Kid Friendly Games and Crafts
5:00 PM Race Starts
Come be a part of a 5K you won’t soon forget.


Yes, just about anyone can run but the story turns when you’re running for your life. Test your speed, strength and endurance through a 5K while running away from the undead.

This chilling race will be your first hosted by the Literacy Council, and hopefully it won’t be your last! Before the race, there will be ghoulish games and activities for all ages, but soon after, the race begins.

Waiting at the end of this zombie infected 5k—aside from a possible brain craving—is an apocalypse party to die for. Come celebrate with your cannibal corpses, music, and surviving runners, and the infected runners while the awards are given. AND ENJOY FOOD, MUSIC, AND DRINKS!

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