Girl Empowerment Day Set to Inspire Young Women in the Community


Venture Watson, the girl’s athletic coordinator at Arkansas Middle School (AMS), is thrilled to announce the upcoming Girl Empowerment Day event, scheduled for Saturday, April 6, from 8:30 a.m. – to 1:00 p.m. at AMS. This empowering event is designed to help young women make positive decisions, set goals, and cultivate a strong sense of self-worth. With over 125 students already registered, Girl Empowerment Day promises to be a pivotal experience for all participants.

Volunteers from Texas A&M University’s Pathways program, dedicated teachers, and community members will be joining forces to support and guide the attendees throughout the event.

Highlights of this year’s Girl Empowerment Day include:

· Vision board design sessions with Dr. Webb and Christal Traylor, focusing on life-changing decisions and positive impacts.

· Workshops on bracelet making led by Mrs. Brown, aimed at teaching the girls a trade and fostering connections through shared experiences.

· A taste of African cooking with Ms. Bolds, providing students with practical skills to create meals using household ingredients.

· TikTok dance sessions with Coach Dixon, promoting physical fitness and healthy lifestyles.

· An obstacle course led by Pathways, emphasizing teamwork and collaboration.

In addition to the engaging break-out sessions, a panel talk featuring certified counselors and women entrepreneurs will offer valuable insights into college and career paths.

The event will culminate with a powerful keynote address from guest speaker Randi Renea Miller, who will share personal experiences and lessons on making positive decisions. Miss Texarkana and other esteemed pageant queens will also be in attendance, providing inspiration and photo opportunities for the attendees.

Venture Watson, the organizer of Girl Empowerment Day, extends heartfelt gratitude to the local community, friends, and family members for their generous support and contributions to the event.

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