Governor Sanders Signs Twenty-One Bills Into Arkansas Law


Bills Signed: SB276, HB1325, SB200, HB1246, SB199, HB1455, HB1472, HB1494, SB295, SB287, HB1244, HB1365, HB1384, HB1406, HB1437, HB1082, HB1128, HB1142, HB1181, HB1401, HB1420

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – On Monday, March 13, 2023, the Governor signed into law:

SB276, to amend the candidate filing period for a position on a school district board of directors; and to declare an emergency.

HB1325, to standardize the hours early voting is available; and to amend the law concerning early voting.

SB200, to amend various provisions of law related to tuition benefits for soldiers and airmen of the Arkansas national guard.

HB1246, to amend the law concerning the effective date of benefits paid to survivors of deceased members, former members, and retirants under the Arkansas judicial retirement system.

SB199, concerning medical malpractice and gender transition in minors; and to create the protecting minors from medical malpractice act of 2023.

HB1455, to make technical corrections to title 17 of the Arkansas code concerning professions, occupations, and businesses.

HB1472, to amend the law concerning delinquency cases for which records must be kept for a period of time.

HB1494, to amend the law concerning fees related to marriage licenses.

SB295, to amend the Arkansas renewable energy development act of 2001; to prevent cost-shifting and ensure fairness to all ratepayers; to create the customer protections for net-metering customers act; and to declare an emergency.

SB287, to amend the law relating to recording subdivision plats, deeds, and instruments of transfer; and to amend the law relating to recording certain documents prepared by a land surveyor.

HB1244, to amend the law concerning the issuance of and application for a digitized driver’s license.

HB1365, to amend the law concerning records maintained by scrap metal recyclers; and to create offenses for theft of a catalytic converter and unauthorized possession of a catalytic converter.

HB1384, to amend the law concerning the payment of a tool allowance to certain employees of the Arkansas department of transportation.

HB1406, concerning the regulation of certain battery-charged fences by municipalities and counties.

HB1437, to amend the law concerning the operation of an all-terrain vehicle on a public street or highway by an employee of a utility, telecommunications, or cable company.

HB1082, to establish the occupational therapy licensure compact in Arkansas.

HB1128, to allow emergency medical responders to be licensed; and to authorize emergency medical responders to be reimbursed by insurance companies and the Arkansas Medicaid program.

HB1142, to create the Arkansas nuclear recycling program.

HB1181, to establish the counseling compact in Arkansas.

HB1401, regarding public assistance; and to amend the duration of cash assistance.

HB1420, regarding emotional support animals.

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