Karen McDowell Named TASD Teacher of the Year


Karen McDowell, a dedicated educator with 34 years of experience, has been named the Texarkana Arkansas School District Teacher of the Year.

Throughout her extensive career, Ms. McDowell has continuously demonstrated her passion for fostering academic and social growth among her K-5 students. By implementing engaging learning techniques and staying abreast of the latest educational practices, she ensures that her students are equipped with the tools they need to be successful learners. “Ms. McDowell has created a learning environment that helps students discover and develop their full potential. She is an excellent example of a dedicated educator in the Texarkana Arkansas School District who is committed to putting students first and helping them become lifelong learners,” said Dr. Lloyd Jackson, Superintendent of the Texarkana Arkansas School District.

Ms. McDowell holds a master’s degree from East Texas State University and certifications in early childhood and elementary education. Her dedication to professional development is further demonstrated by her active participation as a member of her school’s Guiding Coalition. As an active member of Delta Kappa Gamma, an international society supporting women educators, Ms. McDowell benefits from a supportive environment for professional growth, networking, and mentorship.

Ms. McDowell’s exceptional contributions to education have not gone unnoticed. During her tenure, she has been named Campus Teacher of the Year at both College Hill and Fairview Elementary Schools. This recognition reflects her unwavering dedication to education and her profound impact on the lives of her students and the community at large.

Beyond the classroom, Ms. McDowell is deeply committed to supporting the whole child. She collaborates with organizations such as Texarkana Autism Awareness and the Miller County Extension Office to provide her students with the necessary materials and resources.

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