Large Collection of Arkansas Diamonds Displayed Publicly at Idabel Museum

Author: Glenn W. Worthington Genuine Diamonds Found In Arkansas Mid-America Publishing Murfreesboro, AR


Since 1972, the Crater of Diamonds has been an Arkansas state park. It is the only diamond-bearing soil in the world that is open to the public for gem searching and allows visitors to keep the diamonds they find. The average diamond size is one-fifth of a carat. Most of the lucky visitors keep their genuine, uncut diamond as a souvenir or have them set in custom jewelry they can wear and enjoy showing to their friends. Some people who find diamonds at this unique state park choose to sell their gems.

Sam and Dolly Johnson own Caddo Trading Company’s five stores/attractions in the Murfreesboro, Arkansas, area. Because of their contact with the public they have the opportunity to meet diamond finders who want to turn their gems into cash. For a few decades now The Johnsons have purchased uncut diamonds from people and either resold them through one of their stores or added them to their private collection of genuine, USA diamonds from Arkansas.

Over the decades they have been in business, the Johnsons have accumulated quite an impressive collection of more than FIFTY CARATS of Crater diamonds. This remarkable collection is now on public display at The Museum of the Red River in Idabel, Oklahoma, now through February 20, 2024. Admission is FREE, and you are bound to be amazed by all you see there. A trip to this ARK/LA/OK/TEX museum would be a fun indoor adventure for the entire family to embark on during the wintertime.

The Johnson Collection of Crater Diamonds includes over FIFTY CARATS of genuine, USA diamonds. All three colors found at the state park are represented in this remarkable collection—white (clear), brown and yellow. Some of the diamonds have been cut and set in jewelry. Most remain in their natural, uncut form and are displayed next to 8 X 10 close-up enlargements so visitors can appreciate their lovely shapes.

All of the white diamonds in this collection are the rare and valuable type IIa variety of diamond. Less than 2% of nature-created diamonds worldwide are type IIa. They are the most chemically pure diamonds found anywhere. Most diamonds originate from a depth of between 93 and 124 miles and are brought to the surface by a combination of earthquake faulting and volcanic activity. Type IIa diamonds are formed at a much deeper depth of between 224 and 446 miles.

When you visit this museum while this special collection of diamonds are on display, you will get to see the third largest diamond found at the Crater since that site became a state park 52 years ago. It is the 8.66-carat, white, Illusion Diamond that Beth Gilbertson of Salida, Colorado, found while visiting this Arkansas state park.

Plan to visit Idabel Oklahoma’s Museum of the Red River to view this remarkable diamond collection before this special showing ends February 20, 2024.

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