Angel Fund Foundation’s Annual Putt for a Purpose Set for Saturday, September 18th

Putt for a purpose event poster alongside Founder Beth Morgan
(L-R) Missy Lumpkin, Todd Lumpkin, Heather Roberts, Austyn Willis, Bed Willis, Richard Roberts

The Texarkana local Angel Fund Foundation has helped over 273 cancer patients in the Texarkana area fund crucial cancer treatments over the last 15 years. The fund was originally created by Beth and Charles Morgan in response to Beth having been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 1998. Through her cancer journey, she became increasingly aware of the high cost of treatment. Although she was fortunate to pay for her care, she wanted to help those in our local Texarkana area who couldn’t. The Angel Fund Foundation was created in 2006 in response to those needs. Beth wanted to help fill in those fighting cancer in our area. 

Kim Glass, foundation Board Member, and Fundraising Chairperson, has been volunteering  with the foundation ten years. “The Foundation is completely supported by donations. 100% of all donations go towards helping our cancer patients. Anyone who works for the foundation, does so with their free time and is unpaid” said Glass. Patients in our area who are having trouble financially supporting their cancer treatments can easily apply to the Angel Fund Foundation through their application process. “We are strictly local. Recipients must go through the application process to receive funds. Those interested in receiving financial aid from our foundation must provide us with their diagnosis information and financial status. Based on the information, many will be able to receive help financially for treatments. We work with different treatment facilities and their counselors throughout the Texarkana area. Many treatment facilities will actually send their patients our way when they feel as though they may need financial assistance,” said Glass. 

Putt for a Purpose

The Angel Fund Foundation has a 12 member Board of Directors and a small group of hard working volunteers. “It is a fabulous organization. My mother had cancer, and sadly passed away from it. When she died, I looked for an organization where I could use my skills to help cancer patients. I wanted to ensure I was volunteering my time to an organization that wasn’t so large that volunteers get lost. Once I heard about the Angel Fund and their mission, I was sold.” said Glass. The Angel Fund has raised over $330,000 since it was created in 2006, and has helped over 273 patients in our area receive necessary and life saving treatments to help them in their cancer journeys. “Something I have learned since working in this foundation is that insurance companies will pay for certain treatments for patients. But many things such as port placement, which is critical for chemotherapy patients, is usually something that has to be paid for out of pocket,” said Glass. 

Part of the Angel Fund mission is to ensure that patients receive care in a timely manner.”We feel like we are helping our patients live longer because they are given the financial assistance to receive treatment as quickly as possible,” said Glass. “With  red tape issues through  insurance companies, many patients are delayed in getting their life-saving treatments. That’s where Angel Fund has come in to help so many of our cancer patients in the area. In some cases we can speed up the initial procedure process, and in doing so we are able to save and increase their lives,” said Glass. 

Every year the Angel Fund Foundation hosts their Putt for a Purpose fundraiser. This is the only fundraiser the foundation hosts each year. This year’s Annual Putt for a Purpose will be held at Texarkana Country Club. Those wishing to donate and participate can purchase a drawdown ticket. Each ticket costs $100, and anyone who has purchased a ticket has a chance to win $5,000. “This year we will have a marshmallow drive, fun putt, fish fry, silent auction, and musical entertainment by Danny Maxey. The event is adults only. Health Care express will be setting up sanitizing stations throughout the indoor and outdoor event. Our title sponsor for the event is the Patterson Troike Foundation. We are so excited to have them sponsor this event, as it is close to the hearts of so many in our area. We will also be practicing social distancing at the event. We want to ensure that we cover all of our bases to keep everyone safe,” said Glass. 

Official Sponsors of the Putt for a Purpose

The event will take place Saturday, September 18th at the Texarkana Country Club in Texarkana, Arkansas. Draw down tickets are available for purchase through the Angel Fund Foundation Facebook page. For those who know our board members in the area they are welcome to reach out to them to also purchase a draw down ticket. 

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