Harvest Regional Food Bank Director Accepts Board Position with Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance


Camille Coker-Wrinkle, the Chief Executive Officer of Harvest Regional Food Bank, has been elected President of the Board of the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance.

The Alliance includes hunger-relief organizations across Arkansas, including Harvest Regional Food Bank, as well as advocates and policymakers, who work together to affect legislation, secure food and funding and otherwise work to build a coordinated food distribution system for the state.

“I am happy for the opportunity to work alongside Camille, to tackle food insecurity in our state,” said Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance CEO Sylvia Blain. “The Alliance is fortunate to have someone with her experience in food banking and fighting hunger in the role of president of the board of directors. Her perspective will lead us to a stronger and more resilient food system with a focus on advocacy and strengthening the charitable food network.“

Camille, a Texarkana native, has served as CEO of Harvest Regional Food Bank since 2013; under her guidance the food bank has increased food distribution by millions of pounds annually, doubled its food storage capacity, and made significant strides in closing the meal gap in all of the ten counties it serves. Wrinkle recently led the organization in implementing the region’s first healthy food prescription program, and is currently overseeing a construction project that has added a community education center and commercial kitchen that will increase its childhood hunger programs throughout the region.

In addition to this role as president of the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance Board of Directors, Camille is also a member of the Wilbur Smith Rotary Club, Texarkana Homeless Coalition and Texarkana Area Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster. Camille is married to Tommy and together, they have four children, Emma, Caroline, Ben and Ava.

About Harvest Regional Food Bank: Harvest Regional Food Bank serves over 60,000 individuals in 10 counties each year through a network of over 100 partner agencies, pantries, shelters, and soup kitchens. Arkansas and Texas consistently rank in the top 10 for the highest incidents of hunger. Nearly 20% of our local residents miss meals due to food insecurity including 1 in 4 children. Harvest works to eliminate hunger through a wide range of programs, including Food Banking, Senior Commodity Program, the Backpack Program, and Mobile Pantry.

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