Mission Texarkana Launches Humble Troll Coffee Roasters

Buy a Bag, Help a Human - Third Wave Coffee Roaster Provides Job Training, Work Experience


Mission Texarkana, a faith-based non-profit organization that provides meals and vital resources to the homeless and vulnerable in our community, revealed a new name and look for its artisanal third wave coffee brand, Humble Troll Coffee Roasters, at a launch event on Oct. 14.

Proceeds from all Humble Troll Coffee Roasters purchases directly benefit Mission Texarkana’s initiatives to provide meals, essential supplies, job training and vital resources to individuals in need throughout the Texarkana community. Additionally, some of those individuals have an opportunity to earn income by roasting and bagging coffee.

“We knew that we needed a fresh name and brand to capture our essence and reach a broader audience,” said Cody Howard, Mission Texarkana executive director. “The name Humble Troll is inspired by our unique origins at Church Under the Bridge Texarkana, where some affectionately referred to themselves as ‘trolls’ while regularly meeting under the downtown bridge.”

The ‘humble’ part of the name is a nod to the coffee brand’s humble beginnings on Howard’s porch.

“In 2008, I ventured into the world of coffee craftsmanship on my back porch with a popcorn popper and a bag of green coffee beans,” he said. “It wasn’t all smooth sailing; there were fires, scorching mishaps and a fair share of ruined beans. But amidst these challenges, I was guided by the belief that every talent and gift should be dedicated to both glorifying God and enriching the lives of others. I installed a fluid bed roaster at Mission Texarkana and began to perfect the art of roasting while sharing this valuable skill with those in need of employment and income.”

In 2017, Mission Texarkana created a local buzz as the very first coffee roastery in Texarkana. In addition to offering whole bean coffee, they also began selling coffee drinks at community events and at a Central Mall kiosk during the holiday season.

In 2020, they acquired and installed a high-volume commercial coffee roaster, vastly increasing their production capabilities. The brand launch event also marks the debut of the new Humble Troll Coffee Roasters trailer, which will be stationed at various locations around town.

While Texarkana is home to multiple coffee shops, Humble Troll Coffee Roasters will be the area’s first coffee business offering its own locally roasted third wave coffee. Third wave coffee is a movement that emphasizes high-quality, artisanal coffee production, focusing on the origin, flavor profile and unique characteristics of each coffee bean. It involves a deep appreciation for the entire coffee process, from farming and sourcing to roasting and brewing. Third wave coffee often prioritizes direct trade relationships with coffee farmers, sustainable and ethical practices, and precise brewing methods to showcase the nuances of the coffee beans and provide a superior coffee experience.

Bags of Humble Troll’s whole bean coffee are available for purchase at humbletrollcoffee.com and at Tacos 4 Life in Texarkana, Texas. Coffee will also be available at a seasonal kiosk in Central Mall and at the new Humble Troll Coffee trailer. For more information about where you can find Humble Troll Coffee, visit humbletrollcoffee.com and follow Humble Troll on Facebook and Instagram.

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