Retired Long Arm of The Law Embarks on New Venture


After a lifetime in law enforcement, Jay Womack offers his expertise as a Private Investigator to Texarkana.

Having served as a Texas Ranger for 16 years, Narcotics Investigator for the Texas Department of Public Safety, DEA agent, and most recently as the Chief of Police for Atlanta, Texas, Womack knows that he can be of service when citizens or businesses discover the limitations of local authorities.

“There’s a lot of instances where law enforcement won’t get involved. As a private investigator, you have the option,” Womack said.

Womack imparted that many times an individual or company will have a case that law enforcement doesn’t have the personal or time to hash out who is at fault. Saying that some thefts do not fit the legal definition of theft, they are more like civil matters; and companies may have corporate theft requiring investigations that could take hundreds of hours to prove fault.

“With my background, I can look at use-of-force incidents. That was one of my main priorities in the Rangers, and I worked all the officer-involved shootings in this area. I also was the lead Investigating Ranger on three officer deaths: a Texas trooper, and two Bowie County Sheriff’s Department deputies,” Womack said.

One of his triumphs as the Chief of Police in Atlanta was purchasing every officer an M-4 rifle system with fully-automatic capabilities. The city council unanimously approved these weapons. Additionally, Womack converted all shotguns to less-lethal projectile launchers.

“My number one concern was trying to save lives, be it an officer or the general public. I did not ever want officers put into a gunfight where they had an inferior weapon,” said Womack.

As a result of these less-lethal weapons, three lives were saved when officers were given the choice to not use deadly force. Womack related that in all these instances, the perpetrators were posing a potential threat to officers, and lethal force would have surly been employed if the less-lethal option was not available.

Having an audience with such an authority on law enforcement, public safety, and investigation compelled TXKToday to ask Mr. Womack if he could offer some general advice to save people or proprietorships headaches down the road.

He said when you come in contact with law enforcement, like on a traffic stop, follow all of their instructions. “You will not win an argument on the side on the road. It’s not a courtroom,” Womack said; adding, if you have a gun tell them, “don’t lie to the police.”

Another piece of sound advice Womack provided is, “lock your car and lock your house.”

“There are internal thefts at Businesses, and most need to have some type of process to keep track of their money like a periodic internal audit,” said Womack; asserting that if someone has been stealing from a company for years, then it will require going through years of records to prove, and may end up costing more to investigate than was initially missing.

If you have questions or investigative needs contact:
Womack Investigative Services, LLC, License Number A10558101
1001 Texas Boulevard,103 B, Texarkana, Texas

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