Texas High School Honors Seven Student Athletes for Fall 2021 Signing Day


“This is a one year signing. That’s it. It is up to you to make the most of it,” said Gerry Stanford, Executive Director of Athletics at Texas High School. “It is incredible to watch you all sign today, but you have to remember that this is a job you are signing for. You need to take this as an opportunity to do a job, and do it well. Life is about hard work. We are all replaceable. So do the best at what you do, work hard with great effort, and if you do that, we know you will be okay. Congratulations, good luck, and try not to come back to visit for awhile,” said Stanford with a smile.

Today, seven seniors from Texas High School took the next big step for their futures by signing commitment letters to several Universities. Friends, family, faculty, coaches, and students from Texas High School gathered in the Multi-Purpose Facility to witness the momentous occasion for these seven seniors. Tears filled the eyes of many parents, and students were excited and proud of the achievements they made. To honor these students and their successes, we spoke with each student and their families to learn just how much today meant to them all.

Robert Cheney with parents, and coach.

Texas High School Senior, Robert Cheney, will be heading to Southern Arkansas University Tech next Fall to play Baseball.
“Today means a lot to me. I worked hard to get where I am, but I know that my journey isn’t done yet.”- Robert Cheney
“All I can say is that we are super proud of him. He has wanted to play baseball since he was just a little kid. Now he is living out that dream, and we can’t wait to watch him in the future.”- Lana Cheney, Roberts mother.

Luke Smith with parents and coach

Texas High School Senior, Luke Smith, will be heading to Louisiana Tech next Fall to play Baseball.
“He always wanted to play ball. Last year he told me, ‘Mom I want to play for Louisiana Tech.’ Now here we are. He worked non-stop to make this dream happen, and it’s actually coming true. I can’t begin to express how proud that makes me. That he never wavered from his dream, and that he made it come true.”- Tracey Smith, Luke’s mother.

Vanessa Perez with her family and coach

Texas High School Senior, Vanessa Perez, will be heading to Oklahoma Wesleyan University to run Track next Fall.
“I am very happy and excited that I am signing somewhere to run track. I started running in the 6th grade. Today really just shows how a lot of hardworking, and time put into something can result in such a wonderful outcome!”- Vanessa Perez

Evan Likins and family, and during his signing

Texas High School Senior, Evan Likins, will be heading to Texas State to run Track next Fall.
“We are so excited and proud of him. He is number two our of four children, and his brother runs track at Texas Tech. So we are so excited that he will continue to run in college.”- Susan Likins, Evan’s mother.

Logan Pilgreen with family and coach

Texas High School Senior, Logan Pilgreen, will be heading to Stephen F. Austin State University to play Soccer next Fall.
“I am super excited and grateful. A lot of people have put time and effort into seeing me get to where I am today. I know that I am ready to move forward, and I’m super excited for what’s to come.”- Logan Pilgreen

Lauren Allred with family and coach

Texas High School Senior, Lauren Allred, will be heading to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette to play Softball next Fall.
“We are so excited and blessed that we are seeing everything she has worked so hard for come to fruition. She has always loved ball, and it is honestly so amazing to see her hard work and dedication pay off.”- Matt and Patricia Allred, Lauren’s parents.

Derrick Brown with friend and coach

Texas High School Senior, Derrick Brown, will be heading to the University of Texas to play Football next Fall.
“I was so excited to call my coaches this morning. Today is literally a dream come true.”- Derrick Brown

Congratulations to all seven seniors as they make they way to play college sports next Fall!

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