Texarkana Honors Veterans Thursday, November 11th and Throughout the Upcoming Weekend


Tomorrow, Thursday, November 11th marks Veterans Day. Veterans Day is one of the many holidays that many know, but don’t understand. Historically, Veterans Day was marked as a way for the United States community to honor the ending of World War II, while remembering the heroics of our veterans, and the honoring the lives of all of the men we lost. Since the ending of WWII, many countless wars have taken place throughout the world, where US Soldiers have risked their lives to honor and protect those of us back home. Veterans Day has grown over time as a way for the United States to honor and celebrate all heroes and veterans from any war. Beginning tomorrow, many of our local schools will begin hosting breakfasts, concerts and shows for local Veterans in the coming days. These performances are a way that our school communities can teach our youth about the significance of the day, while also providing them the opportunity to honor and celebrate those Veterans they know close to home.

This year in Downtown Texarkana, there will be a themed parade titled “Welcome Home Afghanistan Veterans,” hosted this Saturday, November 13th at 11AM. Though the parade has a theme, it will be used as a way to honor and celebrate the lives of all veterans in our area. The parade is being hosted by the Texarkana Area Veteran’s Council. They are encouraging those who want to participate to be ready to line up at 10:00AM at East Broad and Hazel Streets, while the parade will actually begin moving at 11AM. The TAVC is also encouraging all organizations, schools, churches, clubs and business to participate, and those who are wishing to sign up as a participant can call 903-556-1613 or 870-773-1078, or you can email USMCgreg@aol.com to be included to show your support for all of our veterans. “Come on down and wave your American Flags for the Remember the Afghanistan Veterans and Support the Troops parade this Veterans Day Weekend,” (TAVC).

Welcome Home to our Veterans who have recently returned from Afghanistan. Thank you to those of our Veterans who are living around the Texarkana Area today. Because of your sacrifice, we continue to live freely. Thank you.

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