Texarkana Solarbration Committee Asks for Help


The Cities of Texarkana, Texas and Texarkana, Arkansas Committee have jointly formed a committee to prepare and plan for the total solar eclipse coming to Texarkana, USA on April 8, 2024. While the committee has been meeting for months, now is the time for the residents and business community of Texarkana to get involved.

“We have this huge opportunity this Spring to show off what Texarkana has to offer the world as visitors come from all over to view the solar eclipse right here,” James Bramlett, former mayor, Chamber of Commerce chairman, and President of Farmers’ Bank and Trust said. “We have amazing food, and unique tourism attractions, and southern hospitality that truly can’t be matched. We’re just a few short months away from our moment to shine.”

The eclipse and the weekend leading up to it have been deemed Texarkana’s “Solarbration” by the marketing arm of the joint committee, which is tasked with spreading the word about what makes Texarkana a great place to visit for the unique event. The committee has set up a website, www.solarbrationtxk.com, to show off opportunities for visitors to experience all that Texarkana has to offer.

“We have some billboards and other advertising in Louisiana and a few other places that are close enough for visitors to drive in from,” said committee chair and Texarkana Chamber of Commerce President Denis Washington.

Bramlett issued a challenge for local businesses to participate.

“I’d like to see every business in town acknowledge Solarbration with a sign, promotion, product, or something similar April 5th-8th,” Bramlett said. “Let’s show the world what Texarkana is all about.”

The committee invites the Texarkana community to let them know what is being offered to collaborate on marketing, and get involved by following and sharing information from the social media pages for Solarbration TXK (Facebook and Instagram). Organizations are welcome to submit special events or activities centered around the eclipse and the weekend of April 5-8 to the community calendar on gotxk.org.

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