Man accused of secretly filming girl charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child


A Hooks, Texas, man accused of molesting and secretly filming a young girl as she showered is facing felony child sex abuse and child pornography charges in Bowie County.

Cody Austin Wright, 34, is related to the girl he allegedly abused sexually from age 9 to 14 when she would visit his home in Bowie County, according to a probable cause affidavit. The girl made an outcry of abuse to an adult family member May 31 which was reported to the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office.

During an interview June 1 with a forensic interviewer the girl allegedly said she was about 9 when she was visiting Wright’s home overnight and woke to find that her “panties and shorts had been cut and pushed aside.” The girl said she woke on another occasion to find Wright “rubbing” on her.

The girl reported that she believes Wright put medicine in ice cream and soft drinks he gave to her to make her sleep so he could take advantage of her without her waking up and that she believes Wright has been watching and recording her while she is showering and using the bathroom.

Wright allegedly installed a window in his bathroom with mirrored tint that allowed him to see into the shower from his bedroom. A second window was allegedly installed on the opposite side of the shower head as well. The girl reported that a scratch in the tint on the second window allowed her to see through it and that she could see Wright using his cell phone to record her.

The girl also reported finding recording devices in other places in Wright’s home which could have taped her as she changed clothes or used the bathroom. The girl allegedly went into Wright’s bedroom when he was outside and found a handheld video camera suctioned to the mirrored window as if to record anyone in the shower.

Investigators obtained a search warrant for Wright’s residence and “multiple items were recovered to produce child pornography. The cameras described by the victim of filming the shower occupants was located and collected as evidence.”

Wright was arrested June 2 on a charge of aggravated sexual assault of a child. Bail on that charge is set at $250,000. Bail for Wright on a charge of possession of child pornography has been set at $75,000. Wright is currently being held in the Bowie County jail.

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