Texarkana Man Accused Of Exposing Himself To Girls Walking After School


TEXARKANA, Texas–A man who reportedly terrified several young girls by exposing himself and chasing them down a residential street last week had only been out of jail for four days at the time, court records show.

Fredrick Lamar Williams, 37, allegedly called out to three girls, one of whom was 13, after they debarked a school bus Thursday on Hazel St. near a church in the 2400 block, according to a probable cause affidavit. The 13-year-old was visibly shaken and crying when she told a Texarkana Texas Police Dept. officer that they had ignored the man’s calls to them at first but eventually turned and looked in his direction.

When they did, Williams allegedly undid his pants and exposed and touched himself while looking directly at them. The three girls began running to get away from him but Williams allegedly chased after them with his genitals exposed and in his hand, the affidavit said.

The 13-year-old took refuge with a woman who lives in the neighborhood while the other two girls continued running and were not on scene when police arrived. The woman who helped the 13-year-old reportedly told officers that she saw Williams pull up his pants as he chased after the girls and she called 911.

Multiple neighborhood residents attempted to detain Williams and pointed law enforcement to Williams when they arrived. Williams was allegedly breathing heavily and sweaty when a patrol unit rolled up behind him and activated its lights.

“Williams turned around with a panicked look and placed his hands on my patrol car hood without me giving any commands to do so,” the affidavit said.

Bowie County jail records show that Williams had been released from custody April 21, just four days before he was arrested for indecency with a child by exposure.

Booking and court records show Williams was arrested Feb. 22 on a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief. He pleaded guilty in March before County Court at Law Judge Craig Henry and had just finished a 60-day jail sentence with credit for time served when he was freed.

Williams is back in the Bowie County jail with bond set at $75,000. If convicted of indecency with a child by exposure he faces two to ten years in prison. The case has been assigned to 5th District Judge Bill Miller.Texarkana Man Accused Of Exposing Himself To Girls Walking After School

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