Accused drug dealer falls through ceiling before arrest


A federal complaint unsealed last week alleges that a Texarkana, Arkansas, man was hiding from law enforcement until he fell through the ceiling of his house.

Terron Jerome Pearse, 31, was arrested Oct. 12 at his home in the 1100 block of Cleveland Street, according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court. A Texarkana, Arkansas, police officer approached Pearse that day after seeing him walk from a Toyota Camry parked in his front yard.

Pearse refused to talk to the officer and allegedly ran into his house. Officers knew that a warrant on state drug charges was active in Miller County and that Pearse had a search waiver on file because he is currently on probation for drug offenses in Miller County.

Inside the Camry police found more than a pound of methamphetamine. When officers were attempting to locate Pearse, he fell through the ceiling of the residence and was taken into custody.

Officers allegedly found more drugs inside the house as well as 273 grams of MSM, a substance used to cut methamphetamine.

Pearse has state charges pending in Miller County connected to an arrest June 30. A motion to revoke probation he began serving in February 2019 for drug crimes is also pending.

The federal criminal complaint filed in the Texarkana Division of the Western District of Arkansas accuses Pearse of possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute.

Pearse is currently being held in the Miller County jail.

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