Another LCB Gang Member Pleads Guilty Friday, Receives 40 Years


TEXARKANA, Texas–Another founding member of the Texarkana-based Loyalty Cash Business street gang has pleaded guilty as part of a plea bargain that includes a 40-year prison sentence.

Vonquildric Abraham, 31, aka “Boo” or “Von,” pleaded guilty to engaging in organized criminal activity, money laundering over $300,000; engaging in organized criminal activity, prohibited item in a correctional facility; murder in the 2022 death of Joseph Hawkins; and deadly conduct, at a hearing Friday before 202nd District Judge John Tidwell.

First Assistant District Attorney Kelley Crisp told TXK Today that after the parole laws are applied, there is only a 10-year difference between a 40-year term and a life sentence. Abraham will be eligible for parole after completing 20 years, or half his term. Defendants sentenced to life in Texas are parole eligible after 30 years.

“With the disposition of these serious felony offenses, another member of this group of criminals will spend a significant amount of time in the custody of the Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice, rather than inflicting more harm on the citizens of our community,” Crisp said. “The Bowie County District Attorney’s office, along with the Texarkana Texas Police Dept., the Texas Dept. of Public Safety and the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office are dedicated to dismantling this criminal street gang in an effort to make Bowie County a safer place for its law abiding citizens.”

Crisp added that, “We have the dedication and tireless commitment of the men and women from state and local law enforcement to thank for this progress today.”

Abraham and other LCB gang members formed multiple business entities which are registered with the Texas Secretary of State, including R&B Trucking, H&H Trucking and Hope’s Hauling to make it appear that money earned from drug trafficking and other illegal dealings was legitimate. According to court records, the gang used a commercial truck to move pounds of marijuana and U.S. currency between Texarkana and states like California, Washington and Oregon.

The gang is also tied to a number of shootings and murders in the area, according to court records.

Once in custody, the criminal activity of the gang members continued through the distribution of contraband in the Bowie County jail including drugs, cigarettes, cell phones and phone chargers, records show.

The gang was initially called “Little Cuz Boyz” when it was organized about two decades ago by members when they were juveniles. The gang later rebranded itself as Loyalty Cash Business or LCB.

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