Bond revoked for man accused of sexual assault


A man accused of groping a woman outside a downtown club in June is back in jail following an arrest for assault on a family or household member.

Texarkana, Arkansas, police charged James Zumwalt, 41, with second-degree sexual assault in July and he was released on a $30,000 bond.

The Miller County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office filed a motion to revoke Zumwalt’s bond Wednesday which was granted by District Judge Tommy Potter. According to the motion to revoke bond in the sexual assault case, Zumwalt was arrested for a domestic violence offense on Monday. Zumwalt allegedly followed his wife, who recently filed for divorce, as she left work Aug. 2.

When she observed Zumwalt following behind her, she decided to drive to the Miller County Sheriff’s Office. Zumwalt allegedly cut his wife off while on E. 3rd Street and demanded to speak to her. Zumwalt allegedly left when his wife said she was calling police. Zumwalt allegedly followed her to the parking lot of the Miller County Sheriff’s Office where he allegedly yelled at her and punched the window of her car. The woman called 911 and two civilian employees of the sheriff’s office allegedly witnessed Zumwalt punching the window on his wife’s car.

A woman reported July 1 to TAPD that she was outside the Crossties Venue on Broad Street in Texarkana, Arkansas, smoking a cigarette while watching the band play through a door, according to a probable cause document. The woman told police that she knew Zumwalt because they had worked together at a furniture store about a year before.

After asking the woman if she was enjoying herself, Zumwalt allegedly grabbed the woman by her neck with his right hand while grabbing her crotch with his left hand. Zumwalt allegedly made sexually graphic statements about what he planned to do to the woman before she was able to pull away from him.

“The suspect then asked her if she was going to tell someone what he had just done,” according to court documents.

Zumwalt has been charged with second-degree sexual assault. If convicted, he faces 5 to 20 years in prison and a fine up to $15,000.

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