Local courts address virus concerns

Texarkana Federal Courthouse


Non-essential hearings scheduled for March in Bowie, Cass and Red River counties are being postponed in consideration of COVID-19.

Fifth District Judge Bill Miller said defendants on bond who have hearings set in March will be rescheduled and should keep in touch with their attorneys regarding future hearings. There will be no jury selections in March, Miller said.

Non-essential hearings in civil cases will be postponed as well.

Essential hearings, such as bond hearings, hearings for people in jail, juvenile detention hearings, some child custody and emergency removal Child Protective Services hearings will continue, Miller said.

Contact your local probation/parole office for information concerning reporting and other activities related to probation.

TJB | Media | Court Procedures for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)



Circuit Judge Carlton Jones said judges are receiving guidance from the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Court hearings are currently being held as scheduled but that could change, Jones said. Defendants and parties with hearings scheduled should contact their attorneys or the court if they are not sure if they are supposed to attend court.

Jones said all defendants scheduled for criminal court Tuesday in Division 3, Circuit Judge Kirk Johnson, should plan to attend.

Anyone with flu-like or other symptoms or illness should contact their attorney or the court for guidance.

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