New Addition Incorporated into Texarkana, Texas Police Uniform


TEXARKANA, TEXAS – Chief Kevin Schutte announces that there will be a new look for Texarkana Texas police officers very soon.

The police department provides all uniforms and equipment for the officers, including body armor, body worn cameras, and other safety equipment. While considering protective equipment, the department realized it was not providing adequate protection from the sun and adverse weather conditions in which the officers normally work.

The Texarkana Texas Police Department has worn the “peaked cap” uniform hat for decades. While this hat style has been traditionally worn by municipal police agencies across the country, it fails to meet the practical needs of the officers and its use has become primarily ceremonial. The department decided to explore uniform hat options that would provide protection from the sun’s harmful effects and maintain the professional image of the men and women of the department. Having ultimately been given a choice of three different hat options to introduce to the department’s uniform, the officers voted overwhelmingly to adopt a western style hat.

Chief Schutte said, “We worked collaboratively with a company to create our new hat that would provide the protection needed – while continuing to maintain a professional image in the community and embracing our positioning as the gateway into the Great State of Texas. We are very pleased with the result.”

Officers will begin wearing the new hat in the next few weeks.

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