Police allegedly discover meth on woman attempting to cash fake check


Texarkana, Texas Police arrested Kimberly Hale yesterday afternoon after she tried to pass a fake check at a bank on West 7th Street.

According to police, the teller immediately recognized the account name on the check as being one that they’d encountered before and called us. In the meantime, the teller told her that they couldn’t cash the $625 check for her because she didn’t have an account, but they would be more than happy to help her set one up if she had time to do that.

The ruse worked perfectly as she was still sitting there attempting to do that when police arrived a few minutes later.

She was arrested for Forgery by the officers, but her troubles didn’t end there. When they searched her before taking her to jail, they found a little baggie of meth in her purse. That caught her a Possession of Controlled Substance charge too.

Hale is currently in the Bi-State Jail with a $23,000 bond.

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