Police Warn After Credit Card Skimmers Found in Texarkana


According to Texarkana, Texas Police, there have been a number of skimmers like this found on credit card terminals at business in Texarkana and in surrounding towns.

The one pictured above was found at a Texarkana convenience store Tuesday. Over the last week, police say the men in the photo have been working together to distract the employees while the other one will put the skimmer on the real terminal at the cash register.

While the skimmers were discovered within a day or so of being placed there, police have no idea just how many people’s card information may have been compromised during that time.

If you’ve had an experience with a credit/debit card terminal that looks like this where your chip didn’t work and you tried to scan the card instead, your card information may have been stolen. At the very least, you should closely watch your credit and debit card transactions for any suspicious transactions. A safer option might be to consider contacting your financial institution to replace the card altogether.

If you do find any transactions on your account that you didn’t make, notify your financial institution or credit card company IMMEDIATELY.

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