Woman gets 20 years for manslaughter, killed boyfriend with brick


A woman who used a brick to strike her boyfriend during a physical confrontation was sentenced to 20 years in prison last week.

Lamarya “Margie” Bradley, 55, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of Willis Sanders, 62, before 102nd District Judge Jeff Addison.

Sanders was found March 1, 2019, by his landlord who entered his apartment in the 2100 block of W. 10th Street in Texarkana, Texas, to investigate a bad smell. Bradley was arrested the same day.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Sanders was lying face up in a pool of blood when his body was found. Neighbors told police they had last seen Sanders around Feb. 19 and that he was in the company of a woman known as Margie. Officers learned that Margie is a nickname used by Bradley and that she and Sanders were “known to fight,” according to an earlier press release from Texarkana, Texas, police.

In the apartment, crime scene investigators found a brick stained with blood inside a pillow case under the bed and several shirts stained with blood. Officers located Bradley on the night of March 1 and she agreed to speak to Texarkana, Texas, police detectives.

Bradley told the detectives that she went to Sanders’ apartment some time around Feb. 19 to watch movies and that the two began drinking. Bradley claimed that Sanders became angry at her and threw a glass whiskey bottle.
Bradley told detectives that Sanders would not let her leave and that he began choking her on the floor. Bradley claimed she grabbed a brick from under the bed and used it to strike Sanders in the head. According to the affidavit, Sanders had a large gash in the back of his head.

Bradley told detectives that after she hit Sanders in the head with the brick he quit moving or talking. Bradley stated that she put the brick in a pillow case and stuck it under the bed and that she used shirts to wipe up blood and that she put a shirt under Sanders’ neck in an attempt to stop his bleeding. However, Bradley did not call 911 or seek any help for Sanders.

Bradley received the maximum sentence for manslaughter.

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