STEM – The Root of Success


Recently, a group of girls from the Martha and Josh Morriss Mathematics & Engineering Elementary School were selected to present at the 3rd Annual Texas Women and Girls in STEM Summit, hosted by the Texas Girls Collaborative Project at the University of Texas in Austin.

The group called “Girls Engineering Now,” consisting of students ranging in age from 7-10, presented to the conference attendees about the Engineering Design Process. They facilitated a short STEM Challenge to help demonstrate how the Engineering Design Process is used. The girls were so remarkable, they have been invited back to present virtually via video at the spring conference.

The purpose of the conference was to encourage girls and women to join the career of engineering because in the U.S. there is a deficit of females in STEM fields. That is one reason that these young ladies were selected to present.

“On our campus, there is no deficit because our girls are leaders in every aspect of our campus and especially in engineering,” said Instructional Coach Jodi Spakes.

The audience seemed to be especially impressed, according to Instructional Coach Erin Davis, “With how just having the opportunity for engineering every-day has affected the way our girls approach all other endeavors.”

“If a real problem comes up, we can use the skills that engineering teaches to approach a problem differently and think your way through it,” said one of the STEM troop. Another adding some advice she has learned about problem-solving, “Be creative, think of your plan before you start building and use your materials wisely.” Sound advice for any problem, engineering or otherwise.

The girls said their favorite part of the event was observing successful female leaders being recognized for their accomplishments. One, in particular, was Teenager Suman Kanuganti, who invented an app helping blind people to be more aware of their surroundings.

The STEM jobs these young engineering-enthusiasts are focused on revolves around Civil, Avionic, and Aeronautical Engineering. These girls will be designing the bridges, buildings, and airplanes of tomorrow.

Sending in their proposal and being chosen to present was very exciting for both students and factually. Everyone is looking forward to the virtual presentation in the spring where these girls will partner with the Girl Scouts of America to further promote the STEM field.

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