Grandparents Day and Week Here in Texarkana

Grandparents Week Installation at Trice Elementary School. Image provided by the Trice Elementary School Facebook page

Sunday, September 12th marked National Grandparents Day for those across the United States, and local elementary schools are hosting their Grandparent Day celebrations this week!

Local Trice Elementary School has installed a Grandparents Sign on their property, and have asked that Grandparents and their students take pictures in front of the sign or next to it before (7:45AM) and after school (2:45PM) to show support for our local Grandparents in a healthy way!

As COVID-19 continues to loom over the Texarkana area, many schools that host Grandparent breakfasts, and lunches and other yearly events have had to put it on hold this year to maintain safety protocols for students and grandparents. This comes after the decision was made to uphold the mask mandate in Arkansas Schools. Be sure to celebrate your Grandparents this week in lieu of events that have been postponed due to COVID!

TXKToday will post more information regarding Grandparents Events that will take place this week in the local Texarkana area.

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