Start Your Spooky Season Downtown With Haunted Texarkana Ghost Walks Starting This Weekend


How many times have you heard about the wild history that surrounds Texarkana? The murders, the crime, the unlawful history? Have you ever wondered how many of those stories are true?The Haunted Texarkana Ghost Walk Tour is located in Downtown Texarkana and are starting the Spooky Season off right this year with guided tours downtown to explore historic murder sites, crimes, and the history of what Texarkana was like during the wild frontier through some of the more widely known crimes.

Jonathan Fowler, one of the owners of the business spoke with TXKToday to help us get a better understanding of what it all entails to learn the history, and to experience the crimes that occurred here in town. “We begin our walks at 8PM, and we walk through the Downtown area visiting different historical crime sites. We also bring with us a Ghost Box, which is an old modified AM/FM radio that we can use to communicate with spirits left lingering at those sites. A lot of people don’t know that before Texarkana was colonized it was simply a western frontier site, with no law and lots of crime. Thanks to the railroad coming into the town, people would come into the Texarkana area and wreak havoc. These are among some of the crazy and wild crime stories that we talk about throughout the tour,” said Fowler.

If you are looking for something fun, spooky, and historical to do this Spooky Season, you have to go on the downtown Haunted Texarkana Ghost Walk. The tour typically lasts a little over an¬†hour, and guests will walk about a mile (so wear comfortable shoes). There is nothing quite like learning about the history and crimes that occurred in Texarkana, while experiencing it for yourself on this Ghost Walk. This experience is sure to be one of the highlights of the Fall season this year, and you don’t want to miss your chance to get in on the fun, scary, and true crime history of Texarkana.

Tickets are available through Eventbrite, or you can purchase your tickets in person using cash/credit/debit cards for $15.00 per ticket. Tours begin at 8:00PM at 116 W. Broad St. (located across the street from the Bi-State). Visitors need to look for the Marquee Sign for Haunted Texarkana Ghost Walk, and need to be prepared for a wild adventure exploring the historical crimes that built Texarkana.

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