Man sues Red Bull over “rodent carcass”


A lawsuit filed in Bowie County last week alleges a local man discovered a “rodent carcass” in a can of Red Bull energy drink in May.

Weston Rhea, a resident of Bowie County, alleges he bought a can of Red Bull from a convenience store in New Boston, Texas, on May 8.

“On May 9, immediately after plaintiff had consumed the liquid contents of the Red Bull can, he discovered the carcass of a rodent therein,” according to a complaint filed Aug. 19 in Bowie County district court. “The sight caused Plaintiff to retch and vomit violently, and he remains psychologically distressed and traumatized by the incident.”

Texarkana attorney Michael Friedman filed the complaint for Rhea last week. The complaint alleges Red Bull North America Inc. is liable for Rhea’s emotional distress, psychological trauma and suffering and that the company was negligent and careless.

The case is pending before 102nd District Judge Jeff Addison.

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