City Votes to Reject Water Rate Increase


The Texarkana, AR Board of Directors met for the second time this year on Tuesday, January 19. During the meeting, the Board voted four to three, rejecting a 10% increase in residential water and sewer rates. The rejection resulted in the decision not to pass the new Texarkana Water Utilities Fiscal Year 2020-2021 budget proposal.

The Board voted to table the resolution to approve the budget indefinitely, due to the proposed budget including the rejected 10% increased rate.

The proposed rate budget was intended to be temporary and was reduced from an initial proposal of a 17.5% increase. The rate was to be used to fund major projects including a sewer rate replacement and other repairs.

Texarkana Water Utilities Finance Director, Jim Cornelius said the rejection of the 10% rate could possibly lead to staff layoffs and a delay of planned infrastructure projects.

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