Abused Rescue Puppy Needs Donations for Surgery



On May 21st in Fouke, AR, witnesses allegedly watched a man slam a puppy on his front porch, then hit the dog with a balled fist.  The puppy’s leg was allegedly injured and not adequately cared for.

The puppy was allegedly tied to a cinder block in the middle of the owner’s yard every day, where temperatures reached over 90 degrees, with no shade, food or water (multiple videos shot by neighbors corroborate).  

Miller County Sheriff’s Office has been contacted and the puppy has since been surrendered and has been placed into foster care pending court.

The injury she suffered was pretty bad, and it was never properly cared for, so she will need a plate in her hip to fix the fracture and help her to be able to walk and not be in pain. The other option is amputation. The cost of the surgery is $2,200 – $2,400, plus any pre- and post-surgery care.

Pistol cannot have the surgery until we raise the money. The easiest way to donate to her surgery and care is with a GoFundMe donation.

Dr. Old will be performing the surgery, but their office has asked NOT to receive donations directly, as it is hard for them to track and apply multiple monies to one procedure.

For those who do not want to donate via GoFundMe, an account has been set up at TEXAR. You can make a cash or check donation under Pistol, c/o Jennifer Teeters.

Any money not spent on the puppy’s vet bills or care will be donated to the local animal shelter.

Go Fund Me

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