Activated Alley Soft Launch This Weekend Downtown

From the Activated Alley TXK Facebook Page

Activated Alleys have been popping up all around the United States in big and small cities. Lighting up the night with areas for patrons to walk, enjoy art, and listen to music, and local Chris Bachers is bringing the idea of an Activated Alley all the way to Downtown Texarkana with his soft launch TONIGHT. “Come to the May 13th Downtown Live taking place along E. Broad & Olive. Then stroll down a couple of blocks to State Line & take a left into the proposed activated alley, between the under-renovation Texarkanian & the under-renovation Discovery Place Children’s Museum. Lots of new stuff is going on in Downtown Texarkana. Come see what’s happening,” says the Activated Alley of TXK Facebook.

“City Manager David Orr, recently resurfaced the area that you can visit this weekend making it safe for strollers and wheelchairs. This is going to be a great way to really connect our entertainment districts. The purpose of Activated Alleys is to connect everyone. A place for parents to go visit when they are in town visiting their college students, a place for locals to go when they want to enjoy Downtown life. We aren’t officially opening an Activated Alley in Texarkana yet, but we are hopeful that with enough interest we can officially launch on the 150th Anniversary of Texarkana, December 8th, 2023,” said Chris.

“We are also looking for a proper name for the new Activated Alley. We are asking our community to make recommendations and let us know on the Activated Alley TXK Facebook page. We hope to see you all there tomorrow night between 6-10PM. Come join us and see what Activated Alley is all about,” said Chris.

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