AHS Teacher Receives National Board Certification


Arkansas High School teacher, Anna Shumake, recently received her National Board Certification.
National Board Certification is an advanced teaching credential. As part of this process, teachers must analyze their teaching context and students’ needs, submit videos of their teaching, and provide student work samples that demonstrate growth and achievement.

The reflective analyses that they submit must demonstrate:
1) A strong command of content;
2) The ability to design appropriate learning experiences that advance student learning;
3) The use of assessments to inform instructional decision making; and
4) Partnerships with colleagues, parents, and the community.

Through this structured and iterative process, teachers expand and refine their content knowledge and pedagogy. The outcome is more powerful teaching that improves student achievement and reflects college and career readiness. “I started working on my National Board Certification four years ago, and it was the most challenging undertaking I have done in my career, but one of the most rewarding,” Shumake commented.

Mrs. Shumake graduated from Henderson State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science Education and joined the TASD family in 2012. Later, she received her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. During her time at AHS, Shumake taught World History, Psychology, and Sociology; she also taught the following Advance Placement courses: World History, European History, Human Geography, and Research. In addition to teaching, she is a Google Certified Educator and serves as the department chair for the AHS Social Studies Department.

“I am a local girl who graduated from Pleasant Grove and decided to become a history teacher after taking AP United States History with Mr. Chuck Zach my junior year,” said Shumake.
Shumake said the National Boards have helped her learn how to assess the needs of her students and give targeted instruction based on their needs. “Becoming a National Board Certified Teacher helped me grow in my practice to best serve the students at Arkansas High School,” Shumake commented. “I had a lot of support from the AHS facilitators through this process. Their feedback, support, and encouragement was invaluable to me.”

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